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2023 Rally on the River

The 2023 Rally on the River, marking its tenth anniversary, has entered the annals of history. What a remarkable day bestowed upon us by God! The weather was splendid, our friends were in high spirits, and we reveled in the marvels of Southern Illinois. However, the true significance lies in the children finding solace at SSM Cardinal Glennon's Children's Hospital. Over the past decade, we have forged a partnership with SSM Cardinal Glennon and the community, united in our deep admiration for this extraordinary medical institution. While the final tallies are still being calculated, early indications suggest that we have surpassed $22,500 in donations, bringing the ten-year gift total to over $161,500 It is because of you that this achievement is possible. We extend our heartfelt gratitude. A special acknowledgment goes to Tim Ferguson for his exceptional photography this year.

2023 Rally Total -$22,500 and growing!  

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